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  • Voltage:19V 3.42A, Connector Tip:5.5x2.5mm
  • Package:1 x adapter and 1 x power cord
  • Compatible Models:ASUS VivoBook Q301 Q301L Q400 Q400A Q500A Q501 Q501L Q502L S300 S300CA S400 S400CA S500CA S500 S550 S550C S550CA S550CM S551 V500C V551 X401 X401A X402C X450 X450CA X452P X501 X501A X502C X502CA X550 X550C X550CA X550L X551 X551C X551CA X551M X551MA X751M A450C
  • Please check voltage and connector size before you buy, if it's the same with it, then you can sure it can be replacement your original adapter well.
  • 1 year warranty, 30 Days money return guarantee, JUST BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!

5.5 x 2.5mm Laptop AC Power Charger Adapter for Asus Laptops

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